Words from L2L Friends

Streamlining the dog adoption process helps everyone involved. Pet owners can find a match quickly. Rescue kennels place pets more efficiently and more dogs find homes. Great concept!

John Hallagan

My wife and I recently adopted a dog from an area rescue. We are very happy with our choice and glad for the new addition to the family. The process on the other hand could have been easier. It took applying to various rescues and shelters, multiple in-home visits and application fees in order to obtain the perfect pet. It was a long process of falling in love with pets just to find that they were placed by the time we inquired. L2L will be the one stop shop for this process. Being able to have a centralized source to apply and have them do the searching would be the optimal experience. This concept is sure to revolutionize the pet adoption industry.

Kyle Kreuser

I am very excited to endorse and support Kristen and L2L. There is no better company to find the best match out there for both dog and owner. Kristen is completely devoted to simplifying the adoption process for the owner while guaranteeing the best home possible for each animal. She has a heart of gold and truly wants to make a difference in the lives of each and every animal. I look forward to working with her in all of my future adoptions.

Jaclyn Allar

After hearing about this unique adoption service that Kristen Kreuser created after she went through the adoption process herself made me feel confident that she has put a lot of thought, research, and dedication into, not only speeding up the whole adoption process, but allowing families to search outside their immediate locations, looking at all the hundreds of dogs available instead of the few at their cities humane society. Creating a database working with shelters, humane societies, and breeders to include so many animals for families to select their perfect "baby" from is such an ingenious idea! Being a breeder myself I receive inquires from families a few times a week asking if I have any dogs nobody wants that they can personally adopt, I now have somewhere to send these families instead of just saying "no" to them. Thank you Kristen for your insight into modernizing the adoption process and bringing up to speed a system that was very antiquated, limiting, and time consuming to work with!

Trish Kelley