L2L was founded from a love of animals and a desire to make our adoption system more efficient.

In 2017 I lost my dog, Louie. He was my best friend, and the best dog I've ever known. While we knew Louie was irreplaceable, our other dog, Bear, clearly needed a new friend, and we decided to adopt. Having an ornery German Shepard and a daughter under the age of 2 meant we had a lot of stipulations regarding our perfect match. The process took about 6 months and we recently adopted Lady, a wonderful addition to our family and a dog we needed as much as she needed us.

However, throughout our adoption journey, I determined there is an opportunity to improve the current rescue process in our country.

Our rescue society is sensational and tremendously noble. It has saved millions of animals and blessed millions of families, but we are not operating at full capacity. In today’s world everyone is connected, yet we still manage rescue organizations independently. There are over 3500 rescues and shelters in this country, each one trying to find the right home for the animals in their care. My purpose is to connect families searching for a pet to ALL available animals in need of homes, to become a loving distributor for our animals, and find the best match for your family.

What does your L2L Match provide?

  • Application review and consulting to determine your best fit in a pet.
  • Extensive search through all local organizations to find you the best pet match.
  • Individual matches created just for you sent for your review.
  • Personal profile created for you for our adoption network that participating organizations can leverage to assist in the match.
  • Pre-adoption approval for multiple, participating rescues.
  • Experienced communication liaison for you to adoption organizations.
  • Experienced support through the adoption process.